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  • Ramla’s Tourist Sites

    You might have expected to find two or three tourist sites in Ramla, but you will have to think again! The list of sites worth seeing is quite long and includes more than 20 locations.

    Probably, you have heard of the Pool of Arched and the White Tower, but how about the Hoard of Gold Coins, Harry Potter, a 500-year-old Renaissance painting worth millions, concerts in a church, a huge aircraft hangar and more?

    You are invited to come in and check this out by yourselves. Just be aware that this might be addictive…
  • Tours of Ramla

    You are invited to tour Ramla’s numerous tourist sites – and all on foot, without needing a car!

    There’s a large variety of tours at your disposal which you can take by yourself or accompanied by a guide: A tour of classical Ramla, a tour in the footsteps of Christianity or Islam, a culinary tour and more. Where os yhe way to Jerusalem?

    Would you possibly like to see the grave of Harry Potter? Or do you perhaps feel like floating on water below ground? And how about food?

  • Our Recommendations

    A family, a group of colleagues from work, a group looking for a guide – Are you interested in a special tour for yourself, your  staff or with friends?

    Do you want to see a real painting that is worth millions?

    Do you want to sail in a boat below ground? Would you like to climb a 700-year- old tower? Do you fancy seeing a hoard of real gold coins? Are you hungry?
  • Ramla’s Chronological Timeline

    Here’s a timeline with the most important dates of Ramla’s historical past, from its founding at the beginning of the 8th century AD up to the State of Israel as of today.

  • Ramla’s Market Bites

    Are you looking for a culinary and anthropological experience?

    Ramla’s market, or bazaar, in the town’s Old City is among the most famous in all Israel. Would you like to sample ethnic food, “wipe” hummus off your plate, wolf down Turkish bourekas or fresh knafeh? Or do you fancy some spices? The Ramla market is the place to go. And the Food Tasting Ticket is the way…

    It’s worth it and highly recommended for everyone who’s got an appetite (but not only them)…
  • Ramleh

    The Cultures & Religions of Ramla

    There is something about the city of Ramla that enchants visitors: its warm hospitality, its mix of tourist attractions, its vivacious markets, or perhaps its diverse population.

     Today it is home to some 76,000 residents, including Jewish immigrants from over 55 countries, Moslems, Christians, and Karaites.


Welcome to Ramla!

The town of Ramla was founded upon the initiative of the Moslem ruler Suleiman Abed el Malik at the beginning of the 8th century AD. It was built on sand and was therefore named Ramla, with “ramal” meaning “sand” in Arabic.

Ramla is situated on the ancient road leading from Jaffa to Jerusalem and at times, served as the district capital. Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard the Lionheart and many other nobles passed through the town, built here and went on their way.

Which other town can offer you to float in a boat on water in a pool located below ground between its buildings, to climb a 700-year-old tower whose top reveals the sight of the high-rises in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, to stroll across one of Israel’s largest outdoor markets, to wander around between churches, mosques and synagogues ?

Come and enjoy Ramla’s unique sites, meet its artists in the Old City and of course, get a taste of the many foods its famous restaurants have to offer. All this can be found and enjoyed at a distance of only a 20 minute drive from Tel Aviv…

You are most warmly invited!