​​  חדשות ועדכוני תיירות

  • Dear Visitors,

    Ramla’s Municipality, in cooperation with the Ramla Foundation for Education, Culture and Development,  is pleased to present to you the official tourism site of the town of Ramla which was developed within the framework of the activities carried out by the Ramla Museum and the Tourism Department. This Internet site was built for you in order to invite you, the traveling and surfing public, to our magic town and its many tourist sites.

    It does not matter whether you will be coming as a group, by yourself, with your family or with your aunt from abroad – we trust and are certain that you will find a host of various activities and attractions in our unique town. 

    The editorial staff of goramla.com considers you, dear surfers and travel enthusiasts, to be true partners in promoting the town of Ramla, its residents and its tourism treasures as a fascinating travel destination. Our editorial department calls upon you to share your Ramla experience with your friends by sending photos and pictures of the town which, with your permission, we will load onto the site, giving you full credit as desired.

    On the site, you will be able to read about places of interest, get recommendations for individual or group tours, about stalls and food tasting on the market, enjoy a large variety of photographs and videos and receive lots of historic information on the town’s past and present issues.

    We hope that you will enjoy a fascinating surfing experience -  and most important: Come to visit the town that had the honor to welcome Richard the Lionheart, Napoleon Bonaparte and numerous Moslem caliphs, so that you, too, will give us the honor. 

    Ramla’s Visitors Center, i.e., the municipal museum, is open and ready to answer any questions, give recommendations, accept reservations for tours or visits to sites with this form sheet and also at 08-9292650.

    Wishing you a pleasant trip,

    The Municipality of Ramla and the site’s editorial staff www.goramla.com
    Tourism in Ramla