• 705 – 715    Founding of Ramla by Sultan Suleiman Abed el Malik (of the Ummayyad dynasty an eventually, the Caliph), in the area of the White Mosque’s compound

    749    -    The town is damaged by an earthquake

    750     -    The Land of Israel comes under the rule of the Abbasid caliphs 

    789    -    The Pool of Arches is built by Harun al Rashid 

    878    -    The Land of Israel is conquered by Ahmad ibn Tulun

    905    -    The Land of Israel is recaptured by the Abbasids

    935    -    The Akhshids conquer the Land of Israel; Ramla becomes the center of their rule

    942 onward  -    The Fatimids conquer the country; battles take place between the Fatimids and the Qarmatians 

    700 - 969     The Bedouin Bnei Jarrakh clan takes hold of the Land of Israel; Ramla becomes their capital

    1033    -    An earthquake occurs; about a third of Ramla is destroyed

    1068      -            Another, heavy earthquake occurs whose epicenter is in Ramla; the town is completely destroyed; thousands of residents lose their lives, and the survivors abandon the site

    1072     -             The Turkish Seljuks conquer the country and rebuild Ramla to the east of the original town, in the area of today’s Old City
    1089    -    Ramla returns to the Fatimids 

    1099     -    Ramla is the first town to be conquered by the Crusaders on their way to Jerusalem; the town is deserted by its residents

    1101 – 1106    Battles between the Crusaders and the Fatimids in the area of Ramla

    1102    -    The town is burned down by the Fatimids

    1141      -    Ramla falls into the hands of the noble Crusader family of Eilin. A church was built, and apparently also a fortress

    1177      -    Salah ed Din Ayyubi  conquers Ramla, destroys the Church of St. Georgius in Lod and is immediately defeated by the Crusaders near Tel Gezer

    1187      -    The battle at the Horns of Hittim takes place; Ramla and Lod are taken by Salah ed Din without a fight

    1190      -    The destroyed White Mosque is rebuilt by Iyas ibn Abdullah upon orders by Salah ed-Din 

    1191      -    Richard the Lionheart conquers Ramla after  Salah ed-Din destroyed its fortress; the Ramla treaty between Richard the Lionheart and the
    Moslems is signed. Ramla and Lod remain a bone of contention between the Moslems and the Christians

    1198    -    Ramla is conquered by al Malik al Adil (the brother of Salah ed Din)

    1207    -    The Crusaders once again rule the town

    1266    -    Ramla is taken by the Mamluks; the church of Ramla is turned into a mosque

    1318    -    The Mamluk Muhammad ibn Qalawun builds the Square Tower

    1347    -    The Franciscan Order starts settling in Ramla 

    1365      -    The Black Death spreads; tens of thousands of residents of the Holy Land lose their lives; Ramla empties of its residents; the Bedouin keep raiding the town

    15th century    Ramla serves as the center of the spice trade

    1516    -    The Holy Land is conquered by the Turks

    1546    -    A strong earthquake destroys many of the town’s buildings

    1799    -    Napoleon Bonaparte’s army conquers Ramla on its way to Akko

    1831    -    The Land of Israel is conquered by Ibrahim Pasha; modernization begins

    1840      -    The Ottoman rulers return; all residents of the Ottoman Empire receive equal rights

    1857    -    The monasteries in town acquire land and build churches

    1892    -    The railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem is inaugurated

    1906      -    The founding session of the political party “Poalei Zion” in the Land of Israel takes place at the Hotel Braslavsky in Ramla, defining the party’s principles known as the “Ramla Program”; among the leaders at the conference were David Ben Gurion, later Israel’s first Prime Minister, and Yitzhak Ben Zvi, later the second President of the State of Israel

    1917    -    The British General Allenby conquers Ramla

    1920      -    British Civil Administration rules the Land of Israel ; Ramla is declared the district capital

    1927    -    An earthquake hits the Land of Israel, also affecting Ramla

    1948    -    Operation Danny; Ramla surrenders to the Israel Defense Forces without a fight.