The Radwan Hammam is bathhouse dates from the Ottoman Period and is located at the center of Ramla’s Old City. The hammam is also known by the name of al Wazir, who is “Abu Jihad”, the former deputy of Yasser Arafat who was killed by members of Israel’s special commando unit in Tunis – the hamman had been in possession of his family. The magnificent hamman was used as a public bathhouse. Today, the entrance and rooms of the hammam are below the parking lots of the Calypso event hall. 

    The area is fenced it but the structure can be viewed and through its openings, one can see the central basin. There are no archeological excavations at the site, for fear of damaging the foundations of the adjacent building. The hammam was in use until 1948.

     חמאם רדואן - חמאם אל וואזיר