• Although Ramle isn’t known for its wide selection of hotels, it is definitely possible to combine a two day visit to the city with an overnight hotel stay in one of the hotels right nearby, or in a bed and breakfast in one of the neighboring communities.

    The “Sadot” boutique hotel is located just 10 kilometers from Ramle in Airport City, and offers luxurious accommodations just a seven minute drive away from the heart of Ramle’s city center. A bit further away is the Leonardo Boutique in Rehovot. There are also an assortment of bed and breakfast style accommodations in nearby communities such as Beit Eliezri, Yatzitz, Na’an, Ben Shemen, Kfar Truman, Beit Nehemia and Setariya, which offer rooms at attractive prices, especially on weekdays.

    If you will be in Israel for several days and are interested in visiting other fascinating destinations, keep in mind that Jerusalem is just a thirty minute drive away. The wide variety of hotels in Jerusalem will allow you to find something that suites your budget, style, and preferred location, such that a combining visits to Ramle and Jerusalem on your trip is an option worth considering if the length of your trip allows for it.

    The city of Ramle is currently undergoing a tourism revolution and the city is aware of the need to expand its hotel business – which it is in the process of doing. A plan was recently put in place to build a one-hundred room boutique hotel as well as one hundred small residential units in the Aviv Park area in North Ramle. These projects are part of a large scale tourism development process in Ramle and are the first of many more such projects to come. The expansion of accommodation options in Ramle, which is located in the center of the country and close to Ben Gurion Airport, will allow the city to be an attractive destination for tourists, both international and local.