• Ramla’s Lesser Mosque which is located on the street of the Franciscan Monastery (near the Samir restaurant and the Franciscan Monastery) is named after one of the secretaries serving the Prophet Muhammad who, according to folk legend, only knew how to read but not how to write.

    Another legend maintains that the mosque’s muezzin and his calls for prayer in the early morning disturbed the sleep of Napoleon Bonaparte who spent a single night in Ramla on March 2nd, 1799. He sojourned in the back room of the adjacent church which today is adorned with brown iron bars.

    And so Napoleon drew his personal weapon and shot the muezzin dead through the window of his room. The event severely upset the local Moslem population, and on the day when Napoleon retreated from the Holy Land, they lashed into riots against the Christians in Ramla. 
    מסגד חודיפה אל ימני - המסגד הקטן