• Ramla’s bazaar is a colorful and vibrant market. Take your time and enjoy the large variety and abundance of products offered to you by hawkers while they praise their wares as the best produce available, and at the cheapest of prices.

    The market was established at the end of the Ottoman period, underwent renovation during the British Mandatory period  and has been in existence for well over a hundred years.

    The market is one of the most colorful and buoyant in Israel. As the peddlers in their stalls promote their goods as the best and the cheapest, they often use tape recorders on which they tape their traditional advertising. In the market, you will have the opportunity to buy spices you will not find in any supermarket… and don’t forget to quench your thirst with fresh lemonade at the Limonero’s booth.

    The “Wednesday Market” is an Israeli food and clothes market which first took place in Ramla and Lod and then started to migrate all over the country. 

    A visit to the market enables you to stock up not only on rare spices, but also on all kinds of Arab style antiques. The Ramla market is open on all days of the week, except for Shabbat.

    Photo: Ron Peled