• A dedicated application developed for Ramla and available both at the App Store (for free) and for Android (for free).

    After downloading the application, go to the bazaar 's parking lot (King Solomon Boulevard) and activate the application. The GPS receiver will recognize your location at the parking lot and start guiding you. In case you deviate from the course, the Smartphone will vibrate, point out your mistake and help you get back on track. The voice guide will lead you from place to place, and the explanations will only start after you have reached the next station and your location has been identified.

    Please note: The tour is a circular one and has been defined by default to start at the market’s parking lot. Only at this location will you be recognized by the GPS receiver, and the guided tour will start automatically! Please make sure that your batteries are full, activate the GPS in your device - and off you go… 

    Pay attention to the compass appearing on the top right which will always show you the general direction toward the next station as well as the distance in meters that will change as you proceed. Also note the icon of the map – when pressed, it will show you your position on Ramla’s map. Naturally, also the photos will change as you go forward on the guided tour, in accordance with the content.

    To download the application, press the logo relevant to your Smartphone (or tablet) below, or scan the code on the left directly to your device…
    Another easy way – use your device to go to App Store or Google Play and search for “go ramla”.

    The download is free of charge and fun guaranteed!