Tours in Ramla

  • Underground Adventures in Ramla

    Far off the beaten tourist track, Ramla has much to offer visitors: fascinating history, subterranean caverns, magnificent medieval architecture, and the grave of Harry Potter

  • Seeing the Sights of Ramla

    A tour of Ramla offers both a unique visual and culinary experience. In only a few hours, you can wander around by yourself on foot, to see extraordinary historic and archeological places, visit a vibrant market and magnificent houses of prayer, and meet lots of interesting people.

  • A Tour of Ramla’s British Cemetery

    What do Harry Potter, Rothschild’s grandson, British sergeants and another 6,000 people have in common who are all buried in one of Israel’s most beautiful cemeteries? An optimistic tour of a morbid world…

  • The Ramla Tour Application

    This is a GPS application with a guided, professional circular tour, accompanied by the recorded explanations of a voice guide which tell you where to go, when to stop, when to turn left or right and of course, will give you detailed information on each site.
    Supported by iPhone and Android

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  • Touring Ramla in the Footsteps of Islam

    Ramla is one of the few towns in Israel to invite the public for a visit to its Great Mosque.

    Where better to learn about Islam than in the country’s very first and only Arab and Moslem town?

  • Touring Ramla in the Footsteps of Christianity

    Ramla is blessed with three distinctly different churches. One belongs to the Greek Orthodox Monastery with its foreign  flair; the second belongs to the Catholic Franciscan Monastery and houses a rare, 500-year-old Renaissance painting; and the third is the Anglican Church which also serves as a venue for concerts. So what’s Ramla’s connection to Christianity?

  • Touring Ramla in the Footsteps of Jews and Judaism

    Ramla is the home of the Karaite Jewish World Center. The Center is happy to receive groups and visitors on its compound which among other things also includes a “classic” Karaite synagogue. Dozens of synagogues of all kinds and denominations are to be found all over Ramla: Traditions, legends, miracles and wonders.