• Ramla is Israel’s first (and only) Arab Moslem town. It is home to two ancient and important mosques - the Great Mosque, originally built as a Christian basilica by the Crusaders, and the Lesser Mosque, al Khudaifa, in the heart of Ramla’s Old City, which was erected during the Mamluk period.

    Visiting these two mosques and meeting with people of the faith there can be a rare and unique opportunity to gain access to Islam.

    It is true that it is difficult for most of us to differentiate between religion and politics, but if you will give yourself only a few hours of openness and listen, you will discover a wondrous, fascinating world, surrounded by magnificent architecture. You will certainly enjoy this experience.

    For reservations of a Tour in the Footsteps of Islam in Ramla (Groups), call 08-929 2650

    * The visit will be accompanied by a professional tour guide specializing in Islam

    For reservations for a combined tour, please click here.

    Ramla’s Great Mosque. Photo: Ron Peled

    Ramla’s Lesser Mosque. Photo: Ron Peled

     Inside Ramla’s Great Mosque. Photo: Ron Peled