• Where do we start? A visit to Ramla can take place on a number of levels – a tour of archeological sites (rare), such as, for example, an underground boat trip on the Pool of Arches, or a culinary experience on the big market, a short visit to the museum with it great hoard of rare gold coins, a visit to the town’s churches and mosques, a stroll through the Old City, its artisans and restaurants – in short, just pick a tour.

    The Classical Tour of Ramla takes 3 to 4 hours around the area of the Old City. This way, you can combine a visit to the bazaar, the churches, the Ramla Museum, the Great Mosque as well as famous tourist sites such as the Pool of Arches and the White Tower.

    Make use of the tour descriptions here on this site or download the Application for the Guided Tour of Ramla. Our sophisticated application (iPhone / iPad / Google Android / tablets) which guides you to all the sites mentioned, without the need to look at a map.

    When you pass through the market, don’t forget to sample some bourekas, baked goods, fresh lemon juice, a Tunisian sandwich and all the other tasty treats it has to offer. If you are already in the bazaar, look for the red British mail box – a piece of history in the middle of the market.

    If you have your heart set on a culinary tour of the market, you may acquire a Ramla Food Tasting Ticket (good for a week!), which enables you to sample all of the market’s riches.

    Have a nice tour!